Artist: Nathalie ElBaba

School: Tuamgraney NS

Date: 2020/2021

Medium: Mosaic

Project theme and process:

Visual and Multimedia Artist Nathalie El Baba worked with over twenty one students from Tuamgraney National School in Co Clare to design and create a series of large scale mosaic murals for their school. The process and methods she utilised were multifaceted. The first series of sessions were delivered over zoom. Students learnt about the history of mosaic, it’s uses and the challenges of the medium.

The students also engaged with using the Adobe ” Spark” programme as a way to test design ideas, to visualise the work and to get a sense of what the work might look like in situ. Aesthetics were decided and agreed upon as a group.  The second phase, the fabrication of the work was then undertaken outside, which proved to be tricky at times given our wet Irish weather! However everyone persevered and the finished work is stunning. The students and the school had a real sense of pride and ownership of the work which is now permanently displayed on the entrance wall to the school.