26 October 2021

Places Matter, the joint biennial conference series between the Arts Council and Local Government, has been running since 2017. Coming towards its third iteration, it continues to explore and provoke themes of people and places such as, ‘what does it mean when we invest in the arts’, ‘building inclusion in the arts’ and ‘investing creatively in people and places’.

Places Matter, Investing Creatively in People and Places, will be held in VISUAL in Carlow on 24 and 25 March 2022.

With an overarching theme to explore our common purpose to creatively address the future challenges of people and places, the conference will investigate the role of artists, arts and culture in challenging place based topics such as planning, social cohesion, climate and environment.

The conference which will be a hybrid programme of key notes, conversations and artistic experiences should be of broad interest to policy makers, state agencies, government departments, elected representatives, local authority management and staff, arts organisations, artists and community organisations.

Call For Submissions

To ensure the conference can put forward a hybrid programme of key notes, conversations and artistic experiences that will stimulate, provoke, discover and inspire a greater framework of collaboration for people and places, a call out for case studies, presentations, extracts and interventions is now open.

If you have a project, a programme, an artistic response or research that you think could address one or more of the following questions the Arts Council would love to hear from you. They have posed a series of questions on their website to assist in shaping conference proposals.


Please submit your proposal by email to placesmatter@artscouncil.ie before Friday 29 October 2021 at 5pm