6 December 2021

As part of our Professional Development Series for artists we are delighted to work with Limerick City and County Arts Office, Tipperary Arts Office and Visual Artists Ireland to bring you this timely and pertinent webinar.

This event will highlight best practice considerations and techniques for visual artists who wish to reduce their environmental impacts, use materials with more awareness, and create art that challenges our ecological and societal perspective. Emerging and mid-level visual artists will gain key insights on the on the use of materials, of exhibiting work, travel, the power of art to emotionally connect us, and our proportional responsibility.

This interactive webinar will be led by environmentalist John Thorne who has been Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Coordinator since 2013: Working with designers, architects and artists his work seeks to broaden and deepen student experience, exploring how practice can connect us to ourselves and each other and promote social justice. It asks how can we emotionally support nature through art, and better engage people with environmental & ethical issues like climate change and biodiversity loss.

Through knowledge exchange, discussion and examples we will ask: Just how can artists help create less-impactful art, that meaningfully challenges us to create a more positive future?

Following on from this webinar, County Clare/Limerick/Tipperary based visual artists can avail of 1 of 8 twenty minute 1-2-1 clinics with John Thorne. Early booking is advised for these clinics