25 April 2022

Are you involved in an artists led network or interested in becoming involved or setting one up?

If so, we have teamed up with Visual Artists Ireland and the Arts Offices in Limerick and Tipperary to bring you this session on Thursday, April 28th, 2002 at 3pm.

Following on from the discussion on the benefits and pitfalls of working collaboratively, how can you set up an Artist Led Network from scratch? How can you use you peer network to acquire opportunities? How big should your network be? (and why?) What are the steps involved to ensure that you work with the themes and people you want? How do you manage the many expectations that may arise in coming together as an artist group?

In this panel discussion, we explore the routes taken by and range of experiences of leading practitioners who operate in and work with Artist Led Networks.

The panel is moderated by Kate O’Shea.

Further details, including registration is available here.