County Clare is set apart by the Burren, the Atlantic coastline, the Shannon Estuary and Lough Derg including our inland waterways, all rich in wildlife and their habitats. These places have evolved over time through the interaction of man with the landscape.

Significant challenges to biodiversity are posed by a general lack of awareness; inappropriate development; lack of habitat management; climate change and invasive species.

We are now facing extinctions of wildlife on a massive scale including extinction of species in Ireland.
This talk will discuss some of these very special places and their wildlife in Clare, the threats posed and resources available to protect them as well as recent plans and policy and the results of surveys undertaken in the county.

About the Speaker:
Congella McGuire is from County Clare and has worked as the Clare County Council Heritage Officer for more than 20 years.
The role involves working with communities to undertake surveys, promotion, awareness raising and the conservation of the natural, built and cultural heritage of the county.

Projects are managed on a broad range of issues such as Public Realm planning, education initiatives and sustainable tourism while employing for example Nature Based Solutions and Green Infrastructure planning.

Congella previously worked as a Conservation Wildlife Ranger with National Parks & Wildlife Service and worked with BirdWatch Ireland as a Corncrake field worker in the midlands. Congella has a passion for birdlife and for bird conservation and has a wide working experience in nature conservation for over 30 years.

At present, Congella is on a year’s sabbatical from work with Clare County Council.

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