Clare Arts Office in conjunction with the Cultúrlann Sweeney Gallery, Kilkee, Co. Clare is delighted to present “Glass Reflections” artworks exhibition by artist Sean Walsh.
Sean is a contemporary artist living and working in Cahir, Co. Tipperary. He graduated from NCAD and worked as an art teacher from 1967 to 2004 at St Ailbe’s School in Tipperary Town.

Sean’s current exhibition of artworks entitled “GLASS REFLECTIONS” is structuralist in nature, that is to say the core of each work has at its base a skeleton of lines and curves, carefully chosen and placed according to the system of measurements called the Golden Section or Phi D’Or .

In his work, Sean tries to create a unity of elements. Sean sees this as a common thread between the most ancient artworks down to the present day. This quest for compositional purity is to him both timeless and essential. It is the yardstick he uses to judge the validity of his work and he invites the viewer to do the same.

This wonderful exhibition is free of charge and runs from 5th December, 2023 to 5th January, 2024 inclusive and everyone is welcome!

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