Exhibition by artists Ian Kelly, Nathalie El Baba, Shane Hynan and Eoin O’Hagan.

Clare Arts Office, in conjunction with the Scarriff Library Gallery, is delighted to present Interwoven – A visual celebration of our connection with the Irish Boglands.

Interwoven is an exhibition presenting the work of several artists through different mediums themed around the Irish Boglands, including: painting, sculpture, photography, video and text.

Artists involved are Ian Kelly, Nathalie El Baba, Shane Hynan and Eoin O’Hagan, with contributions from Martin Mason.

The exhibition draws attention to the roles peatlands play in our living cultural heritage and invites us to reflect on bogs as places of recreational, ecological, cultural, historical and artistic interest. It aims to celebrate our interactions with the boglands whilst opening up a space for conversations to take place around regeneration and community involvement in the future of our bogs.

The exhibition takes place at Scarriff Library Gallery from 14th of February to the 16th of March 2023.

Opening Thursday 16th February @ 6pm. All welcome, refreshments provided.

As part of this month-long event an intergenerational Story Exchange, sharing stories of the bog, will take place between TY students from Scariff Community College and older members of the East Clare community.

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