Renowned under-water cameraman and filmmaker, Ken O’Sullivan, will perform his unique live show INTO THE DEEP, outlining his incredible adventures exploring the North Atlantic Ocean, in Cultúrlann Sweeney. The multi-award-winning Clare native will speak about his experiences exploring the stunning underwater world of the North Atlantic Ocean and encountering enormous whales and monstrous sharks. Ken – who is also passionate about ocean conservation – will show videos and give insight and backstories into what it’s like trying to navigate the North Atlantic Ocean to find and film some of the largest animals ever to have lived, including blue and fin whales, the largest animals ever to have lived. Ken will give a first-hand account of his unforgettable dive in 2016 when he was the first cameraman in the world to film and document a group of 35 thirty basking sharks engaged in a courtship ritual off the Clare coast. The live show is a mix of film and stories from Ken’s 18-year long career. He pays homage to his family’s 250-year history on Fenit Island, Co. Kerry and the ancient maritime culture.

About the Speaker:

Ken O’Sullivan has been a documentary filmmaker, cameraman and ocean conservationist for eighteen years, producing natural history and creative documentaries all set in Ireland about the ocean, landscape and our ancient culture relating to these things in Ireland. He has produced, directed and filmed natural history documentary series for RTÉ & TG4 and worked as a freelance cameraman / director for BBC NHU, CBC Canada, ITV and cinematographer for TV commercials and drama projects. Ken is a passionate marine conservationist and heavily involved in conservation projects on sharks, skates and rays in Ireland, particularly in the highly unique Tralee Bay, Co. Kerry, where his family lived as fishermen and farmers for 250 years and where Ken spent the summers of his youth.

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