Learn how to create a fabulous fantasy sea creature out of recycled plastic!

Will it be a star fish, a sea horse or a catfish? Have fun with layers of colour. You will be able to take your finished picture home with you to hang on your wall.

Can plastic be seen as beautiful? Can plastic be seen as art?

Since moving to the Loop Head peninsula, artist Kim Thittichai has become increasingly aware of the waste plastic being washed up on the local beaches and the use of plastic on local farms. Attracted by the colour of the plastic and its thermoplastic qualities, Kim has been collecting and experimenting with various types of local waste plastic for the past four years.

From 7 June to 1 July 2022, you can see an exhibition of Kim’s work entitled ‘Fantastic Plastic’  in the gallery of Cultúrlann Sweeney. Kim will show work using two different types of plastic – large sheets of plastic from local farms and colourful plastic screw bottle tops.

For the workshop, Kim will guide the children through her exhibition and then work with them to create their fabulous sea creatures out of recycled plastic.


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