First Music Contact for Clare Musicians

Clare Arts Office proudly presents a series of professional development webinars for those working in the music industry in Clare in partnership with First Music Contact.

First Music Contact is the leading national music organisation for resourcing popular musicians and the independent music sector in Ireland. They deliver projects at key stages of an artists’ development, helping them develop real careers. This new project, in association aims to develop a way of offering equal access to professional development services to musicians in Clare as well as developing a framework for supporting artists locally.

This is a musician-first project in which FMC consulted with musicians locally so as to find out what they need to get their music career off the ground or to take the next step – what are the practical things they need and what kind of advice they are after.

Having analysed the results FMC designed professional development panels based on the responses and put together a series of webinars featuring some of the top national and international names in the industry.

The webinar series began with a specific panel for Clare hosted by FMC on the topic of Introduction to the Music Industry and First Music Contact supports on Monday 20th February, 2023. Other February webinars and panel discussions looked at topics such as Gigging outside Ireland,  Management and Approaching Media.

Stage 2 of the initiative will continue on Monday 27th March when we will be hosting a second professional development workshop based on your selections from our initial questionnaire which in the case of Clare respondents was to find out more about Publishing and Music Supervision.

During the second hour, we will host a conversation between the musicians in attendance, the Artist and the Clare Arts Office to assess the needs of musicians in Clare and how we can all work together to deliver for these needs. We would really encourage you to participate in the second hour of the panel for your County so you can have your say in shaping how music may be funded in your county in the future.

To help us prepare us for this, we ask that you please fill out the short survey below.

As with the previous panels, you can attend all four Professional panels, which in this round will take place at 5pm each evening and, as before, you need to register for each one individually.

We look forward to seeing you there!

No 1. Publishing and Music Supervision – March 27th 5pm

Nick Robinson, East City Management

Dina Coughlan, Tremelo Music

Andrea Madden, Monkey Kingdom (TBC)

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