Recollect Wonder is a live audio-visual event with a participatory component, taking place at Mill Water Wheel, Mill Rd, Cloughleigh, Ennis, (V95 PN81), in which attendees are invited to sing with the artists as part of the performance.  The video installation will be looped and song will be performed at the start and at the end of the event.

This installation will pay homage to our ancestors and to how far we’ve come to get us to this point. Inspired as part of an interdisciplinary research project by Caitríona Sheedy and anchored by early studies (2011) at this mill water wheel which had been in operation for millennia  and once powered the cornmarket mills. It is also the site at which three people were shot down during a protest, demanding corn during the famine, this was being exported from Ireland at the time.

‘Recollect Wonder’ acknowledges our past & how it is shaping our present, through our emotional lineage and learnt behaviour. Paying attention to how we direct change as part of this ever changing reality. Has our history created sufficient inertia in the direction of what we don’t want.

Or can we draw from the immense wisdom of the ecosystems of which we are and in which we exist. In which we strive to create homeostasis and thriving individuals and communities.

It is a call to take stock, realise the gifts of individuality, diversity and community. Remembering our humanity, the constancy of evolution & our part in guiding it.

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