On September 26th 1907, the Leon XIII, a three-mast sailing vessel reached Cobh (Queenstown) after a voyage of 165 days from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

The Ship’s captain was given orders to proceed to Limerick and deliver the wheat to Bannatyne Mill.
The ship, which was built in Nantes in 1902, had a crew of 22 on board.

A violent storm damaged her rudder off Loop Head. She was blown northward by the force of the storm. The ship was sighted off Quilty on October 1st.

The Leon XIII struck the large reefs off Quilty and was split in two. This talk will describe the brave and heroic rescue and its aftermath.

About the Speaker:
Mick Carrick was Principal of Quilty N.S. during the Anniversary of the rescue in 2007.

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