Clare Arts Office in conjunction with the Cultúrlann Sweeney Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of paintings by Yeni Artist from Ukraine.

Yeni was born and raised in a small town. From an early age, she began to draw portraits of classmates, design posters and engage in all kind of artwork at school. She participated in many art competitions and designed classes, teleconferences and wrote, both on the walls and on canvases.

Most of all, Yeni is inspired by nature, the world of animals, characters from children’s cartoons, love between mother and cubs, and she also likes to depict a family idyll on her canvases. For her work, she received a large number of awards and was written about in the local newspapers. She studied at the Moscow University of Arts.

In 2009 she organized an exhibition in Kyiv. Her paintings were bought by clients from Croatia, Taiwan, Ukraine and the USA. Yeni’s works are in the offices of Ukrainian politicians, collections of Taiwanese entrepreneurs and local NCKU professors, private homes of art lovers, restaurants and some Irish families.

Yeni states “it is a huge pleasure to enjoy participating in art exhibitions here in Ireland” and she invites everyone to come and see her wonderful exhibition in the Cultúrlann Sweeney Gallery, Kilkee.

This free exhibition runs from 7th March to 7th April, 2023 and everyone is welcome!

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