Art is hugely important to children with enormous benefits.  These classes and activities are designed to bring joy to children through art.  Activities promote neurophysiological development, emotional stability, fine motor skills, confidence…. but above all the children experience joy. Creating individual and social memories, developing attachments.
As well as all the benefits that art activities bring, the children leave with memories that will stay with them of having been able to make and create art in the company of other children, a uniquely human experience. This is intrinsically important to children developing relationships with others.
The art classes and art camps are mixed age.  Activities are planned to be suitable for promoting the developmental needs of children within each age group. Young children tend to be highly confident that they can paint or draw anything they want.  This energy is used to support and develop the confidence of the older children.  Promoting confidence is central to the art activities that is offered and all children’s art work has strengths identified and praised. This approach frequently leads to children not wanting to leave the art activities!
Construction consists of making blossoming trees, Easter bonnets, collage pictures, Easter bunny masks, puppets and lots more in the planning….
Art Games – Musical Hares is played, or Musical Hairs(?!), a story game, the Three Second game, the surreal pictures from words game…and more…tried and tested art games devised to promote laughter, happiness and creativity.
Pictures – The children will make pictures on a variety of themes such as Easter Bunny Land, or a chocolate factory. They will use colours, textiles, paint and collage.
Venue: Cultúrlann Sweeney
Dates: 18th, 19th & 20th July
Time: 10am to 1pm
Ages: 5 to 13
Cost: €20 per day and €16 for Siblings
Painting eggs, drawing, making, collage, games, music and stories.
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Tel: Box Office 0659060769 open Wed and Fri 2pm to 5pm
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