In September 2019, Clare Youth Theatre outlined their plans to work to create a devised production in in glor that would be written, directed, produced and acted by the teenage members. This ambition will be realized with the production of Wonderland – A Twisted Tale.

It has been an incredibly difficult time for all of the young people involved, but the show has emerged via ZOOM sessions, outdoor meetings with social distancing and in recent times a focus and desire to perform the piece that has been so long in the making.

“The young people involved have shown so much resilience, courage, dedication, creativity and sense of humour” says Siobhán Mulcahy, County Arts Officer. “The essence of Clare Youth Theatre is to work with our young members to give them a voice through drama and theatre to explore issues and items of interest to them”

Wonderland – A Twisted Tale is a dark interpretation of Alice in Wonderland where Cinderella takes on the role of the Alice as she confronts her trauma by delving into famous familiar fairy tales in order to escape her past.

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