Clare Arts Office in conjunction with Clare Museum, is delighted to present “You, Yourself” an art & poetry exhibition by Jennifer Donohue.

Jennifer is an Ennis-based artist whose work explores themes of motherhood, change and life.  Primarily working in acrylics, Jennifer’s artistic process centres on linking her poetry and artwork to allow the audience get a deeper connection with each piece.

Each artwork is associated with a poem, which gets translated to the canvas as an array of subject matter including landscapes, florals and abstract work.  Vibrant colours, energetic marks and a focus on creating imaginative connections between words and their visual representation are key aspects of her work.

This collection of work comes under the title “You, Yourself”. They explore coming back to yourself and finding the positives in everyday ways.  Key poetry titles for this collection are “You’ll get your pink back” and “Stardust and Moonlight”.


 –  Clare Museum, Ennis