Bridget is an East Clare/Ireland based artist and has been drawing and painting since she was about 13 years old. Because she liked it so much, she later went to university to become an art teacher in the 1980s. She also attended art classes in Limerick and Clare, Ireland, from 2011 to 2015 for new ideas and orientation. In 2012, she joined Limerick Art Society and has been exhibiting with them ever since.

For some years, she painted mostly realistic flower pictures in pastel. She loves flowers for their beautiful and vibrant colours and the vast variety of shapes. With the art classes she was attending, she got into painting with water colours and acrylics, too.

When she picked up photography again in 2014, her paintings turned increasingly abstract. She also loves the fauvists like e.g. Maurice de Vlaminck and contemporary artists like David Hockney, Gordon Hopkins and Gerhard Richter.

Since 2018, she has put several paintings into worldwide online art competitions and won five awards so far.