I am a self taught artist working from my home studio in Co. Clare.
After 30 years expressing my creativity as a hairstylist, I am finally getting to work full time at the easel, constantly learning and developing my practice as I continue to build a personal creative voice that I dream may connect with others, evoking an emotion, thought or memory or just being something that stirs a reason to pause and reflect.
My pieces are mostly described as contemporary, vibrant, textured oil paintings.
They are colourful, expressive and always inspired by real life, fleeting moments that touch me with their beauty, ordinary everyday living, joy and appreciation of simple things, nature, moments shared and memories
Each piece of art begins for me with an emotion, a feeling, a connection, a perception, a need .

I believe nature heals but I think art does too !

To date I’ve had 2 solo exhibitions in Limerick and have had work selected for exhibitions through open calls in Summer of Love Exhibition, Courthouse Gallery, Clare; Limerick Art Society group exhibition; Limerick City Art Gallery; OXO  23  exhibition, Outset Gallery, Galway and Beframed Gallery, Cork .