Acclaimed environmental artist recognised for creating visually stimulating, sustainably made, 3 D art works and collaborative art projects based on an arts-focused STEAM approach. The STEAM approach integrates the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to explore issues relating to how humans create Climate Change and how imaginative re-creation, reusing, recycling, invention and imagination are tools in our human kit to reduce harmful emissions.

Training and facilitating children and adults to use these tools is the goal of my collaborative work. Within both practice disciplines, elements of surprise, wonder, fun, amazement, imagination, critical thinking and analyses emerge as participants engage with the process and work.
The symbiotic relationship between the two disparate strands of my private studio and public participatory work reflects the complexities of a climate-changing world, provoking visceral and inventive responses to consumerist norms and challenging participants to change to more sustainable ways of living.
The collaborative projects allow me to experience how our psychology affects how we perceive Climate Change. Facts and figures abound, yet behavioural change lags far behind. This is visualised in the studio creations. How the arts can develop imaginative skills and critical thinking in relation to enabling people to make sustainable changes to how they live is a recurring theme and ultimate goal in every facet of my creative work.