Evolutionary ancestors. Exploring our relationship with the animal kingdom. Studying their authentic behaviour and pure expression. Current focus is on birds and animals of the British Isles.

We are incredibly privileged to share this wonderful planet with so many magnificent species. I look in awe and wonder. Hard to understand why protecting this planet and every species living on it is not our number one priority?

I paint with oil and draw with charcoal and dry pastel on stretched canvas, wood panel or canvas board. Gesture studies with pencil, marker or ink brush on paper. Print making utilising various techniques. Digital illustration in Photoshop.

2022 – Animation, Griffith College, IE
2015 – Drawing, The Model, IE
2010 – Screen printing, LCC, UK
2005 – Oil painting, Morley College, UK
1995/1996 – Graphic Art, Design and Communication, ZA


Blue Birds by Jakobus Smit, Clare Museum, March 2024