Joan is a passionate and creative multi-instrumentalist with classical and traditional music training. She is an accomplished pianist, both directing and accompanying her own parish choir for over 30 years. Her passion is in facilitating music making in community and school settings and encouraging a creative and purposeful exploration of participants musical capabilities. Directing and working musically on “Songs of Sanctuary” in her own community during the Covid pandemic is a sign of where her belief in community lies, coming together, supporting and enriching each other and community in the sharing of artistic talent and creativity. Working musically with children as a primary school teacher for 35 years has reinforced for her the importance of music making as an educational art form and self-expression tool, not just with children, but for people of all ages.
Her aim is to enable others to realize musical artwork that is relevant to their lives, exploring soundscape and composition, and drawing on musical whisperings that lie within participants, rather than imposing music from the wider world upon them. She believes that if you can talk, you can sing, if you can move, you can dance, and if you close your eyes and listen, you can compose music.

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