Jole Bortoli was born and grew up in Italy where she trained as a visual artist. She attended the Art School for Fine Art and Pottery in Castellamonte, Turin (1966-70), and Visual Communications and Art of the Book in Urbino (1971–74).
After graduating she co-founded and worked for over ten years in Fuorischema, Pesaro, one of Italy’s most renowned graphic design studio during the late 70’s – early 80’s.
In 1985 she moved to Ireland and in 1987 helped establish The Graphiconies (1987-95), a graphic design studio working mainly for the artistic and cultural sector.
In 2006 Jole founded Art To Heart, an art organisation that works with children and adults in educational, community and art settings.
Jole writes, illustrates and designs her own books.
Jole currently works in Dublin and in the Burren, Co. Clare.