Josie O’Connor has a background in Printmaking, having graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2012. Since then she has studied screen writing and Jungian Psychology with Art Therapy.

Combining these elements of story-telling and image making, she has hosted several workshops for children, she is passionate about books in particular and the process of writing them and making them.

As a parent she has become aware of the benefit of producing one treasured artefact over reams of paper that get shoved into boxes and never seen again!

She has collaborated on projects with fellow artists and has experience in the primary classroom doing seasonal crafts. She co-ordinates the Mol an Óige Parent Craft group and is resourceful and eco conscious, sourcing recycled material and using eco friendly mediums. She is also a member of a local writers group who published a lockdown anthology in 2020, and is working on a book of her own. ( Who isn’t! )