My name is Katie Cogan and I am an artist and astrologer living in North Clare since 2021. I am inspired by authentic expression, the felt moments of meaning that moving art (especially poetry and music) can create as well as the beauty and mystery of nature.

My current artistic expression is through DJ-ing as Katie from The Pleiades, writing poetry and creating special gatherings.

Last year I was very proud to direct Rekindle: Festival of Lost Skills on the behalf of Common Knowledge which took place in Ennistymon, Co.Clare. It is a festival to illuminate those with traditional skills and ways of self-sufficiency and stoked in me a deep appreciation of the wisdom of the older populace of Clare.

I am a member of the Sunday Spinners vinyl DJ collective that play monthly in venues across North Clare. In the last year I have DJ-ed at Glór Theatre, Pot Duggans, Hotel Doolin to name a few. The music I collect is fun, lyric driven, groovy and danceable! I enjoy expressing a sense of humour through my DJ sets as well.

I am in a daily practise of writing poetry and regularly engage with the work and offerings of Salmon Publishing in Ennistymon.

Through my work as an astrologer I have the opportunity to look at the world with a sense of meaning and wonder and to share this with those that resonate with the system and my approach to it. As consulting counselling astrologer, I read clients charts and encourage them to embrace themselves in their fullest most vivid expression. I also host group astrology sessions under the name “Astrology in the Morning” which is currently in it 5th edition.

Looking forward to connecting with fellow artists through the Clare Arts Office.