Katja Wittmer is a visual artist originally from Germany who has been living in Ennis Co. Clare since 2007. She completed her Fine Arts Degree under the Betty Hood Poorman scholarship at Auburn University, USA, with cum laude honours (1993-1997). Katja Wittmer’s work deals with looking behind the scenes, emphasizing the hidden, the subtle and the profound. She creates abstract mixed-media paintings on canvas, wood and paper, using intense colours, scattering textures and dripping paint — she encourages a subtle, often colour geared stimulation of personal associations. Her work is multi layered and offers various dimensions, which challenge the boundaries of perception. In her paintings Katja stresses the volatility of the moment, confronting the emotions of the viewer, seeking them to explore their emotional abyss — highs and lows, light and shadow, beauty and distortion, love and hate.