A professional visual artist and facilitator for over 28 years, Lynn graduated from NCAD in Dublin with a Degree in contemporary embroidery. Working in mixed media; paint, print and fabric, Lynn uses stitch as a means to draw, create texture and attach materials together using her unique technique.

Her professional work can be playful and illustrative, but also abstract, focusing on mark making and texture. Nature and the beautiful landscapes of Clare are inspiration too for much of her art work.
Lynn is passionate about passing on the skill of using stitch in an expressive and practical manner. In recent community and school projects, artworks were created using a combination of print, paint, appliqué, machine and hand stitching. However, an adaptable artist, she works in many mediums to suit projects and briefs.
Her work hangs in public hospitals as part of the Percent for Art scheme and in many private and public art collections. She has received awards for her profession artwork and art facilitating work.