I am a visual artist living and working in Co.Clare. It is a joy to paint in a place so close to my heart, where I feel inspired to contemplate the wonder of nature. Colour is crucial, where here in Clare it is often subtle and muted. My paintings usually begin at some location that fires my imagination. A place where key elements converge with my own desire to portray the emotional effect that nature can inspire within us.

Usually my pictures have a focal point, maybe a hill, tree or band of colour. We are invited to look across and reach this place where hope, freedom, understanding or peace might exist.

Two Person Exhibition: 2016, glór Ennis. Solo Exhibitions: 1992 Sue Williams Gallery, London;
1991 Gallery 10, London. I studied at Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen 1986 and at Limerick School of Art & Design 2002-2006. I worked at glór as an exhibition hanger, 2008-2019. Please see my website for more information.