Resident in Ireland since 2017, a Hungarian blood with an Irish heart. I speak 3 languages: Hungarian, Italian and English. Since 2022 I am an Ennis based self-employed artist.

I create acrylic paintings and I also offer a portrait service by commission.

I create intuitive paintings which help me to share my inner world and express my emotions, both positive and negative. My desire to explore another reality, another dimension was always very strong. I aim to create mood, atmosphere, vibration of energy.

My works are bold, provocative sometimes darkish which are full of dreamlike and nightmarish visions. I wish to challenge the viewer to question their acceptance of realistic images.

Creating from imagination is something special that I like to use. That’s why my artworks are absolutely unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.
You will get a visual experience which was not based on reference pictures but rather something that it comes from my soul, from my heart and from my mind. You will get not just an object but a part of me with it as well.

Through my works, I aim to normalize the negative/dark feelings. In this society we are forced to be perfect, therefore feelings like anger, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc. are considered to be a weak point which we must hide. I wish to break this habit.

Through my paintings, I try to invite the audience to practice imagination, to fantasizing and to reflect in order to create a shared sense of experience in which we all live.