I am an illustrator, printmaker and digital artist working in my Corofin, County Clare. I make print artwork of the Irish landscape.

To begin a piece I always draw a number of rough sketches to find a composition that I am happy with. After this, I try to find ways to add more design elements and motifs that I can use throughout the piece. This is often patterns and textures derived from plants, flowers, rocks etc. Once I am happy with the design I clean up the sketch and transfer to Lino. I then cut the Lino, ink and print it and leave to dry which usually takes about three days. Once the print is dry I do a high resolution scan and bring the design into Adobe Photoshop. I then mask and edit the colours digitally ready for the final print.

Nature has been a medicine and a constant inspiration for me. It has the ability to lift you out of your head where you can view life from new perspectives. Also, the more time I spend observing my surroundings, the beauty of the landscape and the flowers and colours around me the more I get the impulse to create.

When I am working on a new piece I often associate it with a poem or song that reflects the feeling I want to capture. Music and poetry have a way of connecting us back to certain times and places and this helps me get into the creative mindset. To read some of the poems that have inspired me check out the guide on my Instagram page.

The thing I love the most about my work is when people connect with it and make it their own. I am always fascinated with how people see my work, there are so many stories and memories associated with the landscape and I love that my work can reflect parts of who we are.