Thomas Baker is an artist probably best known for his work with puppetry, storytelling and improvisation.
Originally from Quin, he is now based in the North/Northeast of Clare. He has a degree in fine art from Galway Institute, where he began his journey into puppetry which led him to become a performer with marionette theatre Stockholm for 6 years. He returned to Ireland in 2002 where he established “your man’s puppets” theatre and has performed internationally as a puppeteer and storyteller.

Thomas has performed workshops in the county and elsewhere on the creative process with groups of all ages. “In my workshops I would like to think that I explain the creative processes that I use in my work, and make them accessible to the groups ”

His performances have taken him to international festivals in India, Borneo, Thailand, Italy, France, Germany and many more.

In the last 2 years Thomas was commissioned by Clare Arts Office to perform “Random Acts of Puppetry” in schools throughout County Clare, a show combined with a workshop visit and a discussion about creativity. Thomas also works with adults with disabilities in the Dulick centre through Clare Arts Office’s Embrace Scheme and has worked with some Brothers of Charity Centres.