Dr. Tracy Fahey is an author based in Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare. Her fiction is primarily concerned with folklore, uncanny, liminal spaces, and the body. She has five books, one novel and four collections, published with UK presses. Her short fiction has appeared in more than 30 Irish, UK, US and Australian anthologies and has been reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement. Fahey holds a PhD in the Gothic from MIC, UL (2015). Her academic writing on the Gothic and folklore has appeared in Irish, English, Italian, Dutch and Australian edited collections.
Her debut collection, ‘The Unheimlich Manoeuvre’ (2016) and her last book ‘I Spit Myself Out’ {2021)have been shortlisted for British Fantasy Awards.
She is a recipient of the Saari Fellowship (2023) and Liminisa Residency for writers, Greece (2019), and her writing has been commissioned by visual artists Marie Brett, Naomhan Joyce and the Crawford School of Art.