Clare County Council is proposing to submit an application for the Creative Climate Action Fund at the end of May, 2021.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from artists, arts organisations or environmental organisations /agencies that may wish to partner with us to submit a proposal relating to

  • a) Climate Change impacts on the Coast
  • b) Wetlands in the county


The Creative Ireland Programme in collaboration with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) is inviting applications to Creative Climate Action, a competitive fund of 1.5 – 2 million euro. Creative Climate Action will fund creative and cultural projects up to the end of 2022 that can meaningfully connect people with the profound changes that are happening in our environment, society and economy arising from climate change, and can transform that connection into behaviour change or climate action.

As outlined in the 2019 report, Engaging the Public on Climate Change through the Cultural and Creative Sectors commissioned by the Creative Ireland Programme and DECC, they believe that creativity, arts and culture have a vital role to play in bringing the urgency of this challenge to the forefront; in imagining, communicating and building a sustainable future; and in encouraging and facilitating action and change at all levels of society.

To create real impact they recognise the need to move towards collaborative, integrated efforts and are encouraging collaborative proposals which bring together stakeholders from across the arts and creative industries, climate change and environmental NGOs, education, science and civil society sectors, and that offer creative, innovative and interdisciplinary solutions.

Clare County Council propose to submit an application dealing with either of the two themes below

a) Climate Change impacts on the Coast

Expressions of interest should focus on climate change with an emphasis on rising sea levels and our changing climate such as an increase in intense winter storms and prolonged dry spells in the summer. They should be informed by Clare County Council’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

b) Wetlands in the county

Expressions of interest should focus on the importance of wetlands, their biodiversity and their importance as carbon sinks. They should be informed by the Clare Wetland Survey which indicates that the total wetland area in County Clare has been estimated at 23,440 ha based on this study, which
represents 7.4 % of the entire county (this should be interpreted as a minimum area as wetland habitats within many sites were not mapped due to information deficit).

Expressions should be thought provoking, with an objective of changing behaviour. It is our preference that ideas should create a strong visual physical presence and ideally would be replicable in the four Municipal districts of the county – Ennis, Shannon, Killaloe and Ennistymon areas.