You are now standing in upper O’Connell Street at Boíreann” by artist Ciara Malone. Boíreann, meaning ‘rocky place’ ,is situated only a 20 minute drive from where you are standing right now. This photographic picture is of Mullagh Mór, a magical place which reminds me a bit of lava rock but with more cracks and very deep crevices, cracks that hold millions of years of stories . 

The region, with its unique flora and fauna, reminds me of the many diverse communities living in our town.  Just like the Burren cares for all that life, we also need to nourish, care for and protect our communities,  A new study has found that just looking at still images of nature is enough ‘natural’ stimulus to lower our stress levels.

I used this image to uplift those who see it and to remind them that we are all connected.  I hope it will encourage locals and visitors alike to seek out this unique wonderful place. And while there, be inspired and get the chance to ask some serious questions about one’s own space and connection within our community within this crazy world. 

The  Material is recyclable and the ink used on this print is GreenGuard Ink which is 100% eco-friendly, recyclable ink. The Banner was sourced from an Irish company who only create sustainable print and use manufacturing and production processes that are environmentally responsible. Horizon has just won ‘The Green Manufacturer Award’ at the 2023 Green Awards which took place in Dublin February 2023.


753cm ᳵ 688cm