From a very early age, I knew I was different.I couldn’t read until I was twelve years of age due to dyslexia and ADHD. I found myself living in a different visual world that seems in ways, parallel to that of my peers. I got my first camera at age 7. I realise now how that camera was an important tool, helping me to communicate how the world was reflected back at me, and my experience of it. Once in my young hands, my life long trajectory was set in motion.
I have exhibited in old public buildings, abandoned shops, and lately I am involved in producing large scale pictures as Mural format or anywhere that I think the everyday person can experience my work. Democratising my art is an important element in my work, allowing it have a further reach than the conventional artworld ‘gallery’ model.
With my formative years, living over a pub, my life seemed a movie set, full of characters and stories. I am a passionate visual storyteller. Using my camera I bring focus to individuals and spaces, observing and teasing out meaning like I once did as a child.