The Musicians Rest comprises of a series of five musicians on concrete plinths with exterior paint. From left to right fiddle player, accordionist, bodhrán player, piper and harpist.

The concept came from the historical nature of Lysaght’s lane where in penal times Franciscan Friars found refuge in the house and exercised the sacred ministry. The colours used give the impression of stained glass in a church with some colour references taken from illustrated manuscripts like the Book of Kells.

As well as representing stained glass the colours also serve to represent the sounds emanating from the musicians /instruments, with each creating different colour patterns corresponding to the different sounds particular to each instrument. The relative motion of each musician is also inherent in the coloured patterns and the figures were drawn from studying sessions of local musicians.


Harpist facing forward with a swirl of colours behind the figure

Harp Player by David O’Rourke is one of The Musicians Rest Series in Lysaght’s Lane, Ennis