The Art of a Good Saturday is an exhibition by a group of artists who regularly meet in Art to Heart’s studio in Rockforest, Tubber, Co. Clare under the direction of visual artist and facilitator Jole Bortoli.  The group consists of artists Martina Bourke, Pauline Geoghegan, Michelle Healy, Norah Healy, Margaret Hennessy, Fionnuala Langford, Deirdre Larkin, Christine Jenkins, Helen O’ Brien, Colette Redington, Betty Ryan, Jacinta Swann and Gail Varian.

Through painting and drawing the group explore life in all its manifestations, enjoying a morning of art making in the beautiful and relaxed surroundings of the Burren National Park.

The artworks on show reflect the variety of themes the group explore: the beauty of the vast surrounding landscape, the intricacy of a natural texture closely observed, places both real or imagined. All in a spirit of playful exploration.

In December 2017 the group had its first exhibition at The Russell Gallery, New Quay, Co. Clare and as then, this new exhibition is a way of celebrating many years of working together.

Why not come and experience the group’s passion for all things art.  This exhibition is free of charge and runs from 18th April to 19th May, 2023.

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