Born in Valencia, Spain, Sandra moved to Doolin in Co. Clare in 2015 after years visiting as a tourist. She started a career in hospitality. Chronic physical conditions, fibromyalgia and chronic back pain among others, and chronic anxiety associated with the fibromyalgia, made her take a turn in her life.
Sandra started focusing on her art, something she had practiced since she was a child, as a way of finding the light in a very dark moment of her life. She enrolled in the Art School in Ennistymon in 2019, achieving a Level 6 Advanced Certificate award with Distinction.
Her main goal is to showing through her art the beauty in the everyday, the beauty in even the darkest moments, the changes and cycles of life and how perfection is to be imperfect.
Some examples of her work were shown at the exhibition ‘Art-appArt’ organized by the Ennistymon School of Art and the Courthouse Gallery in Ennistymon in May 2021, and also in the virtual exhibition organized by the same organisms in 2020 called ‘Muse’.
Her sculpture “To all the women that didn’t ask for forgiveness”, representing a woman with only one breast and fat rolls, can be seen in the window of the Ennistymon School of Art in the square in Ennistymon and appeared also in the Clare Echo the 29th of May, 2020.