Commissioned by Clare County Council through the Gaining Ground Public Art Programme, God Knows was invited to revisit his home town of Shannon to look at the history of the town, it’s development over the years and how it has been a town of welcomes for migrants – economic, social, and cultural – down through the years.

Delving into the communities, it soon became apparent that rather than the project looking at the town’s history, it was necessary to look to the town’s future. Young people and their voices became central to the project, which gave voice to their concerns and aspirations.

I see people looking for ‘clout’ all the time on social media and it can be all-consuming. It can also be exhausting and detrimental to mental wellbeing The internet is the new Wild Wild West. and we have to be wary of the traps within one of the greatest inventions in history and how it affects our mental well being. Likes, dislikes, views… I live life on the internet.

Video by:
Directed by: Stephen Hall and Outsider YP
Director of Photography: Stephen Hall
Camera assistant: Darragh Flynn
Production Design: Emma Healy