As part of our Arts Plan we have prioritised working with disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Clare. We are committed to promoting open and accessible opportunities for all and a key action of the plan is to promote cultural diversity through our arts programmes.

A key action of the Arts Plan is to support culturally diverse artists by designing opportunities to encourage and assist these artists to develop their art practice and to share their talents in the county.

This has led to the creation of TONES Studio Residency Award

The aim of this residency is to provide the selected artist with

  • access to a shared studio facility at our EASI Studios in Ennis
  • a small production budget
  • the support they need to progress their work and their career. An arts advisor will be assigned to the resident artist during the year, to work together on providing the most appropriate support.

We are delighted that artist and curator Moran Been- noon is working with on this project and we look forward to benefiting from her expertise in this area.


To apply, you must:

1. be a Clare-based visual artist age 18 or older

2. be in need for studio space and career development support

3. be able to commute to EASI studios in Ennis

4. identify as one or more of the following:

a. a migrant of underrepresented cultural or ethnic backgrounds

b. have asylum seekers or refugee status

c. have another precarious immigration status

– or –

d. come from a family that can be described by one or more of the above.

What the award includes

The artist will be granted:

1. One year of free, 24-hours access to a shared studio space

2. Support from consultants, curators, and other artists; the artist will discuss this with the arts advisor, according to the artist’s specific practice needs

3. €700 production budget

4. €700 fee for participation in a public programme, agreed with the awardee

5. Participation in a professional development programme relevant to their practice

Expectations from the awardee

1. Engage with the programme and opportunities provided by the award

2. Make use of the studio space in order to develop their practice

3. Take part in the public programme

4. Allow documentation of their work and practice during the residency

5. Take part in an open studio event during the residency

How to apply

Click on the link below

The future

Not sure whether to apply? Our answer is yes, apply.

This is a first step in a long journey to support culturally diverse artists in County Clare and their work. If you are not selected, we will ask for your permission to save your application for future opportunities, and invite you to information sessions, and to parts of the programme that will be publicly open, like programmes, exhibitions, and events.

We are also hosting an information session on Friday, November 5th at 10am if you have any questions. Just contact us at if you would like to attend.