Ana Colomer is a visual artist and arts educator based in Ennis, Co. Clare. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Seville University (1997), H. Dip. in Education (Madrid University 2004), masters in Multimedia (CEA, Seville 2003) and a CIT Foundation in Art Therapy Certificate (2017).

She was the artistic director for the Ennis Street Arts Festival (2008–2018) and apart from defining the festival programming, she organised or ran a yearly creative, participative event (these would include exhibitions, workshops, shows or interactive installations). Her creative practice includes painting, puppetry, animation and multimedia installations that combine three or four elements. Her work is interactive and thought provoking.

She had work selected in glór Open Call Small Town Decline: Rural Patterns of Decay 2019. She is a member of VAI and a recipient of Creative Ireland bursary award (2018 Rebirthing the Whitethorn) and has participated in the Arts Office’s Cúram initiative 2021 with her project A Book of Hope