In the Open | Faoin Spéir is an Arts Council funded programme developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis which sees a variety of outdoor arts events taking place in public spaces around Ireland. As we expectantly emerge from the pandemic  In the Open | Faoin Spéir will help to bring a renewed spirit of optimism and confidence in a fulsome return to the arts.

The public can expect to experience In the Open | Faoin Spéir events that have a variety of events appealing to a broad range of audiences and interests which will range from performances, film, projections, music, street art, trails, spectacle, installations, visual arts, literature, spoken word and much more.

The scheme encouraged collaborations between arts organisations, festivals, arts centres and local authorities to programme innovative events for local audiences in outdoor public places. It will help to ensure that the public will be able to safely enjoy arts events as we continue to emerge from the pandemic. It will also bring employment to many artists, curators, event and production managers over the coming months.

Clare Arts Office is delighted to be working with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company on an In the Open | Faoin Spéir programme in Ennis.

Upcoming events include

March 2022 – Date to be confirmed musical event

February 2022 – Flutterby Family Friendly Event – details coming shortly

August 2021 – A Handful of Dreams